IDMP F05 Course Application

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Please copy and paste this into a MS Word file, complete the application, and send it to me as an email attachment.

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Application for MC0075: Introduction to Digital Media Production






PO Box:

Please answer the following questions on one or more separate sheets. Hand-written applications will not be considered.

  • What MCM courses have you taken?
  • Have you taken any other relevant courses at Brown or elsewhere?
  • Do you have any other experience with digital media, such as jobs, internships, volunteer work, or hobbies?
  • What digital media skills do you have? List all of the applications, programming or scripting languages, and operating systems you know, along with other potentially relevant production skills such as shooting and editing video, recording and mixing sound, etc. Rate each skill on a scale of 1 - 5, with one meaning that you have just scratched the surface and 5 meaning that you know it as well as anybody.
  • Have you done work in other areas of cultural production, such as visual art, theater, dance, music, or journalism?
  • Are there any particular issues or approaches to digital media that interest you?
  • What do you hope to gain from this course?
  • If you have a Web site, blog, Flickr page, Podcast, or other online presence, please provide the URL(s).
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