How to Document your Project on the Wiki

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Wiki Documentation

The idea is to document your projects thoroughly, with plenty of images, and to make it easy for people to find your documented projects either by looking at all of the work done by all of the students in the class or by looking at all of the work you have done. Here's how it works (confused? see illustrations below):

  1. Each project is represented on the Student Work Page with three key elements:
    1. The name of the student who made the project, which links to that student's Personal Page;
    2. The title of the project, which links to the corresponding Project Page;
    3. A thumbnail image of the project.
  2. Each student has a Personal Page that lists his or her projects. This page is a child of the Student Work Page, its title is the student's name Each project is represented on a Personal Page with the three key elements:
    1. The name of the assignment;
    2. A large image of the project;
    3. The title of the project, which links to the corresponding Project Page.
  3. Each project has its own Project Page. This pages is a child of a Personal Page, and its title is the title of the project. There is some flexibility as to how you design this page, and what you include. Some guidelines:
    1. Always include images of your project. Generally, more images is better (to a point). Some possibilities:
      1. Screen shots;
      2. Photos of your process;
      3. Photos of your project on location (particularly for installations and performances);
      4. Photos of people looking at, listening to, or interacting with your project.
    2. Always include a project description/statement;
    3. If your project lives elsewhere on the Internet, include one or more prominent links;
    4. If the case of posters, software, etc. you may want to include a link to where your work can be downloaded;
    5. You may want to embed video in addition to images.

Linking Structure

Red lines denote links (note that Personal Pages contain links to Project Pages, and Project Pages link back to Personal Pages)

Student Work Page

Project Page

Simple: [Vertical Role] (clever title!)
Nice layout: Portrait of Iris Clert
Very thorough: Cleaved Metaphysical through the Digital Mash in the Tangled American Epoch

Personal Page

How to Embed Video

To embed a video on your student work page use the following code:

replacing the above example code with your own.

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