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You know those couches and the big TV out in front of Production 1?

Well, that's an art gallery. Right now the gallery only exists in Zack McCune's head. Maybe you can make a boy's dream become reality

Submit your Videos, Pictures, or Audio to the MCM Freakshow.
Don't worry about the file format! You send it to David and it goes up on the big screen.
E-mail: David_Udris AT

Make sure the following information accompanies your work:
Full Name
Project Title
Your Class Year
Also, if you made the project for a class, list the class name.

If your project is already on the web, e-mail David a link.
If your project is under 100MBs, you might want to upload it to and send the link to David.
If your project is under 1GB, you might want to send it over Pando to david.
If your project is freakin' big, put it on a CD or DVD and hand it to David in Room 104 of the MCM Production building.

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