Following Pizzy (fo Shizzy)

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"I made my art by using other people"

-Vito Acconci

This is a tribute and study of Vito Acconci's "Following Piece". In this early work, Acconci would pick a person at random from the swarm of passers-by and would follow that person around. Acconci would only cease to follow his subject only when he or she entered a private place (house, car, etc.). The act was sometimes a few minutes; many times it lasted for several hours. After each pursuit, Vito Acconci would type up each account and send it to a different member of the art community.
Acconci studied the ease to which people could be surveilled in public places. The concept was participation (of each subject) without their knowing and consent. The performance was in the act itself, and the presentation was in the form of the written transcripts.

In "Following Pizzy (fo Shizzy)," the goal was to re-vamp Acconci's experiment and art piece by using modern day technology to record more accurately the comings and goings of random passers-by. I picked a person at random and chose one of three methods to surveil him and/or record his actions. I either took a picture using my camera phone, recorded my voice through my Mp3 player, or text messaged myself through my cell phone. After recording each account, I sent them, through e-mail, to the various members of the surveillance art community. My piece utilized four different types of new technology to an old, but intriguing experiment and art piece.


Cellular Phone - LG VX7000


Voice Recorder - Creative MuVo TX FM 512 MB Mp3 Player


E-mail -



Camera Phone

"Man and Friends"

<small>Thursday, September 28, 2006</small>



"The Couple and the Yarmulka"

<small>Saturday, September 30, 2006</small>



"Early Morning Trek"

<small>Friday, September 29, 2006</small>



Voice Recordings

"A Student and Her Health"

<small>Thursday, September 28, 2006</small>

[ A Student and Her Health (Clip1) |]

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

"Father with Child"

<small>Saturday, September 30, 2006</small>

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

[[ ]]


<small>Saturday, September 30, 2006</small>

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

[[ ]]

Text Messages

"Dinner and Movie for Two"

<small>Friday, September 29, 2006</small>

Text1 - 2 male bgy jean 3rd flr pvd mall. enter eb

Text2 - 18min lv store. fod cort pop-i's*

Text3 - up to movie. by tix 4 jetli fearles. i not folow

"Long Time No See"

<small>Friday, September 29, 2006</small>

Text1 - fmale 30-35. jean,tan coat,brnete. walk 1st flr

Text2 - entr bana-repub. c frend? akwrd, plite talk

Text3 - woman make excus 2 lv. hury out, up 2 flr

Text4 - wen 3 flr slw down, windw shop. look round mal somtimes

Text5 - entr cvs. by lotion?

Text6 - downstair 2 prkng. get in mit-eclipse blue

"Family Bonding"

<small>Saturday, September 30, 2006</small>

Text1 - male,fmale 30, 1kd stroler 1kd 4-5, hope-wckenden

Text2 - fmale hold kd hand, male psh stroler. pass rue l'espoir

Text3 - kep walkng, pass orwig, baho.

Text4 - rite angel st., left diman. up 2 house, greted by other fam. al enter

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