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Digital Art Curatorial Project

Clayton Kim

Filtered Feed
Medium/Venue: an RSS feed

The Filtered Feed
A Blogroll of The Filtered Feed 

    Anne-Marie Schleiner, in her article Fruidities and Oppositions among Curators, Filter Feeders and Future Artist, suggests that the new generation of curators will be ubiquitous and will become those who filter, interpret, and translate the feed of information that is the net. Today, blogs have become this ubiquitous medium with which individuals or groups can post pieces of the feed in a manner, order and context that they see fit. The simple act of reporting on a matter of art on a blog gives it context and  interpretation; therefore, each of these bloggers have become curators.
    Each of the "pieces" in this exhibition is the flow of information itself coming from each of these sites and blogs. The purpose of this exhibition is to showcase these feeds as they have come from the net, a flow of information; hence the medium of RSS feeds has been chosen to display these pieces. The pieces come in as raw information in the form of RSS feeds and are displayed as such in an aggregate feed.
    These works range anywhere from personal blog feeds to those by major artist collaborations, professionals and even major institutions; these feeds cover the realm of digital and new medium art-- from pure aesthetics to highly political. Each of the these feeds will be considered for their overarching themes in terms of posts as snapshots in the overall feed of information that they project; therefore, their previous content will simply be used to assess their general theme, but only their current flow of information will be considered the "work." The pieces will be displayed to the viewer as the feed is updated; there is no set order to the pieces. This collection is one that is fluid, constantly changing; a flow of information filtered by these online curators and brought to you by this one.

The Sources: 


This feed originates from a website, by a group of artists, in a blog format. The selection of work that the editors choose to post seem to encompass a wide range of mediums within new medium art---from net art, to modern design, and environmental installations. Though the collection of works shown through this feed tends to be a bit eclectic its volume of posts embodies the fluid stream of information.

We Make Money Not Art

Régine Debatty
Sascha Pohflepp
Shin'ichi Konomi  

 The feed originates from a website in a traditional blog format. It is edited by three artists/educators and work selected by these editors encompasses the world of new media art and it intersection of art, activism and the (mis)use of technology. This is not a true filtering of the feed the the pure sense because the authors here collect information from museums and galleries thereby relaying new information into the feeds; however, much of the feed here is a collection of net art.


Pierre Schmidt and Jerome Rigaud 

This feed originates from a blog of the group Electronest. It is a reblog -- feed filtering in a pure sense as reposts of other blog posts -- in which it serves to document and archive select information found from other blogs for later use. A drawback to this sort of blog is that it provides very little in terms of critique and context except that the editor enjoyed it or found it poignant.

 1 + 1 = 1 

 The feed from 1 + 1 = 1 comes from a German Art blog. This feed primarily deals with ideas of activism in the form of many different art forms and provides the perspective on an individual user as a feed filter.

Networked Performance

Helen Thorington

The feed from networked performance comes from a research blog that is associated with The work covered by this feed concerns network-enabled practices and investigates its use by contemporary artists. This feed provides an example of a feed from a reputable organization instead of a single user or even a group.

Eyebeam reBlog

Eyebeam R & D 

 This feed originates from the eyebeam reblog, in which in itself aggregates posts from other blogs. Eyebeam showcases the new generation of art that encourages collaboration along with dealing with matters of open source, open content and open distribution and provides the perspective of a group of artists on the flow of art around the internet.

Perpetual Art Machine

The feed from Perpetual Art Machine comes from a blog associated with an online gallery and database of video art. Therefore, it highlights new video art and acts as a sort of ubiquitous installation. It also provides news on exhibits available offline. The existence of a newsreel in these blogs reconnects them from the feed to the unconnected life.


The feed from newmediaFIX acts as a portal to online projects featuring news, announcements, reviews and interviews. This feed is that of all activity on the site. 


Digicult is an Italian organization of artists as well as a publication. This feed features recent featured pieces of new media art as well as news concerning matters of digital culture. It shows the perspective of a print publication filtering the internet's feed of information.


This feed originates from a blog of an artist. It showcases his creations as well as relevant news and reviews of other pieces that he may have stumbled upon. It is a single-user reblog; however, this user is also an artist, providing context for his work and work that he finds on the blog and its feed. 

New Media Initiatives Blog


  • Brent Gustafson
  • Eric Ishii Eckhardt
  • Justin Heideman
  • Nate Solas
  • Robin Dowden

This feed comes from the blog associated with the Walker Art Center covering new media art. It is an example of a filtered feed that comes from a large institution. It's flow of information, however, is unique in which it translates an established gallery's pieces into documentation on the net. 


Author: Michael Hutak 

This feed comes from the blog of a media professional. The content of the feed concerns news that pertains to the art world, including pieces that are for sale. This sort of feed is that of reporting for the sake of reporting. The context in which it places the art is that of events, and not pieces.

Media Arts Education

Author: Daniela Reimann 

This feed comes from a blog the reports on happenings in the world of New Media Art, showcasing new projects and initiatives while providing an educational resource.  It provides the perspective of a curator as an educator.

Just for reference: 


Anne-Marie Schleiner, Fruidities and Oppositions among Curators, Filter Feeders and Future Artist. v03.01.curation.schleiner.p01. 2003.1

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