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What are the pleasures of surveillance, and from where do these pleasures derive? What aspects of this ubiquitous phenomenon are derived from aestheticism, personal relation, or temporality? Is it in fact the information itself?

The Facebook News Feed is a new feature of the social networking site facebook.com that lists one's friends' actions in real time on the home page. After mass member outcry in response to the institution of The News Feed, privacy features have since been updated to ensure greater user control over the actions listed.

FEED questions the origins of the pleasures of surveillance by recontextualizing the Facebook News Feed in a physical environment, thus divorcing it from its original language of new media. The installation is a collection of handwritten transcriptions of "The Feed" and member profiles of implicated users. This mode references the aesthetic of the Mass Observation Movement, a compendium of hand-written quotidian, personal records of individuals living in mid-20th Century England founded by a British collective in 1937. In doing so, ''FEED'' seeks to personalize that which has been automated in the digital age.

In this physical manifestation, the filing cabinet and folders provide an archaic representation of the docuverse archetype of computer operating systems today. Hence, ''FEED'' renders the News Feed a tangible archive, both stripped of its new media aesthetics and divorced from the temporality that is so indicative of today's technology-driven culture.

Taylor Friedman ('07), Bosung Kim ('07), Joseph Kuhn ('07)

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