Experiments in Machinima

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Experiments in Machinima

(Screenshot from Tom Jantol's, "The Fish Incident")

"Experiments in Machinima" is a digital exhibition of 6 experimental machinima films. Machinima, derived from the fusion of the words "machine" and "cinema", is a new Media art-form defined as filmmaking within the real-time 3D virtual environment of a video game. As its name suggests, machinima often borrows heavily from the stylistic and structural conventions of traditional Hollywood film, including narrative, realism, and genre. Many of these machinima films directly reference the game in which they were made, either visually (using the game's characters and locations) or narratively (actually setting the film within the world of the game). Although machinima is still a young medium, it is beginning to develop its own quasi-avant-garde with several machinimators producing works that experiment with  narrative form and surrealist imagery. In most of these films, the cryptic, symbolic, and poetic visuals take center stage and the spectator becomes an active participant in the construction of meaning.

(Screenshot from Kate Fosk's "Voices" )

Visit the exhibition here.  

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