Edible Death

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Edible Death

February 21, 2006

Stumbling across a Flickr album with a series of the images shown in this project inspired me to create a corresponding series of readymades. However, while the project initially appears simply as a series made up of nine sections, it is not meant to be viewed individually as separate parts. Each section must been seen in relation to every other section. There are two levels of relationships: first, there is the primary relationship between each of the nine sections, and second, there is a secondary relationship between the objects in each section and their corresponding black and white images.

The placement of each section is deliberately ordered. At the primary level, each section represents a stage in a transformation process; the upper left section is supposedly the most natural and healthy and each subsequent section becomes more and more man-made and harmful, until the pills in the bottom right tile, which represents death or extreme sickness. The trend is that as we move towards more man-constructed products, the more harmful the products tend to be - an ironic idea considering that man-made constructions are usually created with an intent to advance, improve, or better human lives.

At the secondary level, the printed images form a dialogue with the physical objects. Significantly, each scene depicted by the image says something about the status of the objects being portrayed. For example, bell peppers generally are thought of as a healthy vegetable, but the image depicts a scene where one bell pepper is struggling with anorexia. These nine dialogues also contribute to the theme found at the primary level of relationship.

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