Curatorial Practices GISP - Spring 07 Outline

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 GS0013: Curatorial Practices
Department of Modern Culture and Media, Brown University
Spring 2007

Instructor Information

Name: Mark Tribe
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Modern Culture and Media
Email: mark_tribe AT brown DOT edu
Office phone: 401 863-7886
Office Location: 155 George Street, Room 101
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:00pm - 4:00pm, or by appointment
Campus Box: 1957
Web Site:


  • Shane Brennan
  • Jessica Chaney
  • Taylor Friedman
  • Anna Hermann
  • Alexis Lowry
  • Alexandra Trustman

Course description

The role of the curator is increasingly prominent in the production and exhibition of art internationally. This course emphasizes learning through critical analysis and practical experience and will culminate in a group-curated exhibition in Providence.  It offers a critical exploration of curatorial practice with special emphasis on the selection and presentation of contemporary art, the programming of galleries and the commissioning of art for public and online spaces. The course includes a series of weekly seminars in the theory and practice of contemporary curating, which ultimately seeks to address the role, influence and strategies of the curator in various realms of the contemporary art world.


  1. Press Text For Online Exhibition
  2. Online Exhibition
  3. Group Exhibition
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