Cindy Sheehan Contacts

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  • Musicians & vocal groups
    o Christopher Whitten Bernard (Whit)
    o Alex Kotch
    o Pauline Hall, recent Brown Music PhD, has done acapella arrangements:
    o Fred's ref: Nathan Stumpff @ Manhattan School of music
    o Sheryl's ref
  • Contact vocal groups
    o Kent Tritle, conductor, Church of St. Ignatious Loyola on E. Side (ref. Sheryl Henze), 400 W 43 st #21-K, NY NY 10036
    + H 212 246 0425
    + W 646 831 8291
    + C 917 544 9060
    o Judith Klurman, director of NY Vocal Group
    o Josh Rosenblum, composer. Songls: Anti-Bush Show, Bush Sucks?

o Brown's tones

  • Contact Ferguson, Voice reporter
    o Interview
    o Photos?
    o Video?
    o Transcript?
  • Contact organizer of 9.19 event
    o Interview
    o Photos?
    o Video?
    o Flyers?
  • Contact Sheehan
    o Seek blessing
  • Go to precinct, find out when a permit is required, how to get a permit, etc.
  • Arrange documentation
    o Stills
    o Audio
    o Video
    o Film
  • Investigate funding opportunities
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