Caitlin Barry

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These trees are located in the vast expanse of Mammoth Mountain, California.
They are not naturally purple


does that really matter?

For the sake of your reality they are, and that's cool.


This is also for you, a memory of the good times.

About Me

I sleep on two mattresses. I can't do my laundry or change my ink cartridges.

Did anyone notice the water turned orange this morning in my bathroom?

I once won the award for Best Husband.

That remains the proudest moment in my life.

I was going to work for WBRU but I can't support a radio station that plays Evanescence.

I used to do things with my life. Now I just lie around waiting for my TV to get more channels.

Like this one.

Oh, right. And I'm basically the spokesperson for this website. I own 11 of them shirts.

The End

This is the end for now, but I think it might be the beginning. That's from a country song.

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