Burn Your Identity INVITE

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Dear friends,

Not sure what to do with the extra hour we get this weekend or your old check books and bank statements?

Solve both problems: Come join me in Lincoln Woods at Dusk (5pm) to burn your identity!!

Burn Your Identity is a ritual act in which we will sacrifice our identity ridden scraps of paper to the great equalizing flames: the fire doesn't care who we are! How freeing!

Your part:

  • Come to Lincoln Woods, in North Providence off RT 146, at the appointed hour (*5pm on Sunday* - and yes, the sun will really be setting that early).
  • Wear a black top and jeans. We want to erase our marks of identity. Think of it as our uniform for the ritual.
  • Bring your old check books, credit card offers, old bank statements - anything that you hesitate throwing out because it could lead to your identity being stolen. We will burn them! Even if you haven't been saving these items up in a box for a year, as I have, you probably got several pieces of mail this week that would qualify! Or write your social security number on a piece of paper and burn it! This is a symbolic act!

My part:

  • I will build a fire for us – there are lovely fire pits by the lake!
  • I will create the ritual environment and lead the ritual!
  • I will convince you to do this ritual every year!

Please RSVP to let me know you will be coming. If you don't know where Lincoln Woods is, I can send you directions then – it is about 15 minutes from campus, and not hard to find.

If you want to come and do not have a car or wish to carpool from Brown (or my house) contact me, and I will do my best to arrange transportation.

Please email me with questions.

Hope to see you there – Let the flames set you free!


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