Atrewea Diman

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Atrewea Diman


We don't want to say too much. What we have to say isn't nearly as important as what she has to say. But we can say this.

We'd like to introduce you to Atrewea Diman. She is quite prolific, on the internet at least, and she wants you to get to know her. Why? Go find out.

This project touches upon the concept of digital identity, and the human ability to understand someone. We (and she) have tried to replicate the process of getting to know someone by posting an abundance of information about her(self) on the internet. This information is not all located in the same place, and one must go through the process of discovering her. This is a dynamic and immaterial art; any part of it can be deliberately deleted by her, crash, or be taken offline by some faceless webmaster at any moment. There is no single location where one can begin their quest to discover her, and there is no one place to end. We have made it possible to find all of the information she has provided, but it is unlikely that anyone will be able to do so in its entirety. Each participator will gather (and interpret) a bundle of information that is unique to their search, and thus everyone will know Atrewea in a different way. The individual reactions, discoveries, and conclusions about her personality are important aspects of the project, so tell us (her) what you think. Can one have an emotional reaction to a collection of photos and text? Can the interpretation of these elements take on a life of their own and create a true persona in the minds of participators? We have tried to explore these questions. Now you can explore this one: Who is Atrewea Diman?


If you would like the participate in "Atrewea Diman" please place a minimum of five dollars in an envelope to this address:


Brown University

Box 5935

Providence, RI 02912

OR just accept her friend request on Facebook.

Or, perhaps, start anywhere you want. You have her name--> the possibilities are numerous.


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