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Ally's New Media Art Production Page

Update Project: A-List Complexion

I updated Warhol's adaptation of Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. Warhol's artwork was a reflection of an image driven society in which the media and the image became a central cultural theme to the extent of overload. The famous image, the celebrity, and the brand name superseded sacredness. In this update of Warhol's Birth of Venus, I attempted to show the continuation of the image-motivated society that Warhol captured in his work. Instead of reproducing a print I created a slide slow that incorporates the aspect of repetition that Warhol displayed is many of his other pieces reinforcing his message.

A-List Complexion

Curatorial Project - Visual Sound

"Visual music" or sometimes referred to as "visual audio", "color music" or some combination of the three, is art created through the fusion of a visual image and an audio track. In this exhibition I have found pieces that display how artists imagine what sound would look like visually, or how a visual image is influenced by sound/ music and vice versa. I find it interesting how artists attempt to create an entirely different art viewing experience through the combination of sound and visual to appeal to two senses instead of just one. What I find even more intriguing about the visual music are the similarities and differences in the expressions and interpretations of sound as a visual art piece as well as whether the visual or the audio dominates a certain piece. Some artists use certain referents to symbolize, allude to, or combine the two genres seamlessly while others incorporate mathematical formulas. All of the pieces in this exhibition use visual in combination with audio to create one work combining the experience of the eye and ear.

Visual + Audio

Group Project Pitch: Watch Me Watch You

Group Project Pitch.ppt

Visual Sound, Re-visited

"Visual Sound Re-visited" is my follow up on my curatorial "Visual Sound". As the curatorial project displayed I am very interested in the combination of sound and visual into one unified art piece. For this project I used garage band to adapt a song in four alternating ways in order to see the differences in its visual representation on an itunes visualizer. I created a four track CD. The first song on the CD is the original, unedited song, Porcelain by Moby. I worked in garage band with the next three tracks adding loops to the original piece. For track one I made it a 3 layer piece but incorporated intense electronic loops. For track two I incorporated both calm and intense loops to offer contrasting rhythms. For track three I used the most layers, a total of 6, but attempted to give the piece a calm feel. With four differing tracks having the same base song I wanted to see the contrast that they would create visually when under a visualizer. Something I found very interesting about the results of this piece was that the sounds were created to be placed into a visualizer to see the output visualization. However, I found the sound dictating what I focused on in the visualization. I found this piece to be very much an experiment as well as a work of art.

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