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About Daniel

Daniel is a pirate.

His friends (those few who survived the scurvy, english navy, and rampant ninja attacks) call him "Blackheart".

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Blackheart? /blakh?rt/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[blakhahrt] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation


1. Anatomy. One whose heart is black.

2. Zoology. A rare species of ill-tempered Peruvian goat known to attack tourists in the streets.

3. Piracy.

a. A really, really unsympathetic and ill-tempered high-seas bastard with whom neither your life nor your daughter's innocence is safe. Known as a general rustabout, blasphemer, and pyromaniac. Warning: May approach you naked and potentially on fire.

b. That guy who fell asleep in class.

-verb (used with object)

18. Archaic.

a. to colour the heart black via ingestion of tar and eggs (common party trick circa 1549 CE).

b. to flog mercillessly.


19. after one's own black heart, in keeping with one's taste or preference: There's a man after me own black heart! HELP!!!

20. at black heart; in cold, unsympathetic and generally nihilistic reality; At black heart we all know life is empty.

21. break someone's black heart, to cause someone great disappointment or sorrow, as to disappoint in love: I broke his black heart with a tire iron.

23. cross one's black heart, to affirm one's integrity via painful surgical process: Ahhhg, she be crossing me heart with 'er cutlass again!!!

24. do someone's black heart good, to give happiness or pleasure to; delight; save from certain damnation: It did his black heart good to be hung from the galleyplank by his lips.

25. eat one's black heart out: The children are eating their hearts out over their lost dog. It's really pretty horrific.

[Origin: bef. 900; ME blak, OE blæc; c. OHG blah-; akin to ON blakkr black, blek ink, bef. 900; ME herte, OE heorte; c. D hart, G Herz, ON hjarta, Goth hairt?; akin to L cor (see cordial, courage), Gk kardía (see cardio-)]

It's a pirate's life for me.

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