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The project functions on two parallel lines: the arbitrary and the thematic. It is process-based and as such, the visual material that the product consists of was derived from the workings of a closed system?one that may be simple, but succeeds in performing the desired functions of an arbitrary concept-machine while maintaining a thematic continuity. The instructions: every time an interaction was executed with the cell-phone (i.e. sending or receiving a phone call or text message), use another phone to capture a short video that pans across the surrounding environment. The arbitrariness of this system seeks to explore various permutations of surveillance: conscious/unconscious, voluntary/involuntary, action/stasis. The thematic element involves the project on a personal level for the eye behind the camera, the ear and voice behind the phone?that is, it brings the nature of both voluntary and involuntary relationships between individual and cell-phone to the forefront of the project-creator's consciousness. By making every interaction a production, both the presence and absence of the cell-phone is highlighted, illuminated. It forces an often passive relationship to become active.

(re)visible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRtFNk083gQ

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